Welcome to Color Fill Answers, here you will find many solved puzzles, answers, walkthrough and cheats for Color Fill and Color Fill 2 game for Android, iPhone and iPad. Color Fill app is created by Andrés Baksai / Leo De Sol Apps, it’s a simple yet addictive puzzle game to challenge your brain, playing this game is very simple, you are challenged to match together all the color pieces by dragging them into a full square.

I am sure at an early stages you can solve them easily but it becomes harder when assemblling many color parts especially on 10 pieces and higher, but if you are stuck on any levels of any piecess we are here to help you solve the problem. Below you will find answers that we have resolved.

Solving these puzzles alone is not an easy task, I really need your help to become a contributor and work together to complete unsolved levels.

Color Fill 1

Regular Stages
Special Stages
Block Stages

Color Fill 2


We hope these answers are very useful to help you complete all pieces of Color Fill game. Please contact us if you found any misplaced picture since there are over 500 screenshots were posted on this site. Thanks